3 Annoying Differences Between Korra and The Last Airbender

Korra Aang Republic City

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of Korra, but that I am a huge, super fan of The Last Airbender. I won’t mention all the reasons I love TLA so much more in this post. That could co on for hours. This one is just about the way Korra kind of renegged on some of the mythos set down by The Last Airbender.

3. Whatever Happened to the Dalai Lama Way of Avatar Finding?

The whole dalai lama thing is actually pretty interesting and not at all like I’d imagined just from… being around.

One fun dalai lama fact you can tell all your friends is that they identify who the new dalai lama is by having him identify his toys from a previous life. They mention in The Last Airbender that this was how they identified Aang, but in LoK, Korra is identified simply by being able to bend all the things.

Aang in front of council identifying his toys
Not pictured: a teapot.

Now, before you get all over my case, I know that Iroh and Korra bring it up in Season 2 of LoK, so I assume that, yes, somewhere along the line Korra did have to identify her toys – but what made her so great that she could bend all the elements at what… four?

Cute trivia, but it makes no sense. How did she firebend without burning the whole house down? Aang was impatient when he was learning from Jeong Jeong because he was a kid. But, as far as kids in general go, he was incredibly patient and centered.

How did someone as bold, arrogant and unbridled as Korra firebend on her own at the age of 4 without accidentally scorching her family (and the council members!).

Also, in previous incarnations, they simply found out who the avatar was, made note of it and then quietly watched from a distance. Aang found out way too early that he was Avatar (Gyatso kept saying that they shouldn’t have told him until he was older), and he was 12.

Korra waterbending as a kid
Super cute baby belly. You’re welcome.
2. Aang, Mr. Spiritual, Struggles with Mastering the Avatar State but Korra Can Slip in and Out at Will?

I know she’s older. Stop yelling at me. It’s still I weird.

I know Korra’s this great, physically powerful avatar – they even said so in episode 1 when she’s kicking ass at firebending: “you’re a really wonderful bender and stuff with the physical side, but you have some malfunction with the spiritual end.” Or whatever they said.

So I can kiiiiind of forgive the fact that she was like all bendy with the elements at the age of 4 when nobody else even found out until they were 16, or probably around that age. But why does she get the spiritual side, too?

Aang spent… some time (omg my memory is rusty) with a guru he traveled halfway around the world to meet with to master the avatar state. It was a really big deal. They meditated and talked about chakras and everything.

Aang training with the guru

Aang training with the guru

Aang training with the guru

Who here thinks that Korra did any of that?

I’m pretty sure they were specific on the part where she didn’t do that and was annoyingly non-spiritual. Are you trying to tell me that Korra opened all her chakras? Because I have a hard time believing that Korra opened all her chakras.

Or did she just magic get it after that time she talked to Aang that one time and he gave her her bending back which didn’t work for him, btw.

1. Since Goddamn When Can Regular People Go Into the Spirit World
Jinora in the spirit world
Just hanging out in the spirit world because whatever.

What the shit?

What’s the point of being the avatar – bridge between both freaking worlds – if you’re not the only one who is actually a bridge between the two worlds?

What is the whole ‘bridge’ thing supposed to mean then? That you can open and close the stupid spirit portal?? Thanks avatar powers, that’ll come in super handy once every ten thousand years.

Also, why are their spirit worlds so different?

I’m sorry, did the spirit world go through the industrial revolution, too? (Shut up, don’t answer that).

When Aang went to the spirit world, even though he was a peaceful person and didn’t bring his own anger and strife in, it was still a terrifying place.

Aangs spirit world
This place could not want a human wandering around in it any less.

Aangs spirit world
The foxes were considerably larger back then.

Aangs spirit world
Not scary, but desolate.

Aangs spirit world
Oh dear god, why.

Aangs spirit world

Remember the freaking face eater?!?!?

And then we cut to the spirit world in Korraland and it’s all sunshine and butterflies.

Korra in the spirit world

Korra in the spirit world
I don’t know if this is an actual screen shot or fan art, but it wouldn’t surprise me either way.

Korra in the spirit world
Even when Jinora’s in danger, it’s still so happy.

I still want to know if everyone gets reincarnated like in Buddhism and all the avatars just happen to be the reincarnations of Wan, or if reincarnation is an avatar-only thing.

And if all of them can reincarnate, I just can’t wait for people to start talking about who became who aside from Aang -> Korra. My money’s on Sokka became Bolin.

2 comments on “3 Annoying Differences Between Korra and The Last Airbender

  1. Zach says:

    I understand completely what your saying huge TLA fan too. But i’m just happy they continued the series.

    • Brookelin Thorpe says:

      Yeah – it’s awesome that they continued it, for sure! There’s just so many things that made me love the first series that aren’t present in the second one.

      For one, I loved that it was an American cartoon that put a lot of focus and hard work, failure, and keeping at it. The characters were good at what they did, but they still had to struggle to improve – which I think is a quality that you don’t see a whole lot of in our entertainment anymore.

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